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About The Escape Room
Are you up for a challenge and a good time? Come and visit the First National Escape room! The First National Escape Room is a unique variation from other escape rooms you may have been to. The goal is to break in instead of break out! You will try to gather as much money as you can without getting caught within 60 minutes.

Rummage through desks and filing cabinets to find your clues. This escape room has a real bank vault adding to the excitement and intensity of the experience. The game was created from all the desks, objects, and more that was left in the bank when it closed in 2000. The goal is to collect as much cash and gold as you can to get a better score. 

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More Details About The Escape Room
Games are by appointment only, so be sure to call in to make an appointment or look online for a time slot! The escape room is open depending on appointments that are made. Normal time slots are on Friday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Each time slot has eight ticket slots. By buying eight tickets you can "buy out" a room and have the room to yourself. If you buy less than eight tickets you may be grouped with other players. The maximum number of players is eight to a room.

Kids and adults alike can enjoy the experience of the escape room. Children under 13 are asked to have a parent in their group. Kids as young as even eight years old can enjoy the experience of playing.

$22 per person to play. The games are designed for multiple people and fun to do together. If you want to buy a gift card for someone you can do that through the website and you will be given a code.